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Arogya Phuket Detox, where fitness, weight loss & cleansing combine naturally

Your health is our passion. You are going to feel cared for and relaxed in a beautiful setting participating in one of Arogya Healing’s wellness programs including detox, weight loss or fitness, that are designed and verified by medical doctors to be safe and effective.

The Arogya Healing family is committed to standing by you with love and care throughout your journey to achieve your optimal state of health and well-being.

Phuket Detox Retreat Program


An authentic detox  based comprehensively on scientific evidence that has been approved by medical doctors. Flush out toxins from your body and stay healthy for your whole life…



It’s healthy and fun to be fit & firm. You’ll be trained by our coach who has a degree in sports science, and extensive experience in teaching Yoga and Muay Thai boxing fitness programs…


If you are someone who needs to lose weight, try our weight loss program. Designed by doctors to help you lose weight not only healthily, but also sustainably…


Detox & cleanse your mind body & soul

Arogya Healing helps you to embrace a new you! After undergoing a life changing experience at our retreat in Phuket, your body will be rid of the toxins of everyday life.

No more lack of energy, get rid of constipation, headaches and if you need to lose some weight then our programs combine healthy eating that is promoted with specially sourced locally grown fruit and vegetables that additionally are transformed into delicious juices that are packed with the nutrients your body craves.

We’re very happy to offer any professional advice on your stay here before you arrive to tailor any specific areas that you wish to cover or address at your stay with us.

Guest Rooms

Arogya Healing

Based in Phuket, Thailand, Arogya Healing is well positioned to facilitate not only a healthy detox or fitness program but additionally give you an environment surrounded by pure air from the mountains of Phuket at our retreat that sits on a stunning hillside location.

All the treatments offered by Arogya Healing encompass a whole body experience, whether your here to detox, lose some of the extra weight or combine the latter with a fitness program suited to you and your goals then our expert team of coaches, doctors and staff will be with you all the way to achieve the desired results.

We’re very happy to offer any professional advice on your stay here before you arrive to tailor any specific areas that you wish to cover or address at your stay with us.

The rest is up to you, get started, contact Arogya Healing and we’ll begin our journey to a new you together.

Dont take our word for it…

Client Testimonials

Steve Jordan

Over the last 4 years I have completed several detox programs in Phuket. Every one of them have taught me something important to improve my life and enhance my general wellbeing. I was introduced to Arogya through a good friend of mine who I met on one of my previous detox programs.

A medical approach towards a detox sounded interesting to me and after a little googling I decided to give it a go. What really interested me from my research, was that previously I had fasted and survived living off supplements for a week or more which medically doesn’t seem as good for me.

My week at Arogya was really good. I learnt a lot about what is really good and healthy for me and especially how to live better after the program. I will definitely alter my eating habits and lifestyle due to what I learnt at Arogya.

If I was asked whether Arogya was the best detox I have done, I would not be able to say yes or no, because all detox programs have different benefits. Where Arogya was very strong was everything I learnt during my time there was based on proven medical fact. This gave me great confidence in what I was doing and taught me a lot.

The most noticeable thing for me was I did not go through the day 3 or 4 low point that I had experienced on other detox programs. And yes I did feel awesome at the end of the program.

Overall the staff at Arogya were very knowledgeable, Friendly and professional, I could not criticise them in any way.

I would recommend Arogya to anyone who is looking to improve their well-being, especially to those who have tried alternative detox programs and who are looking for the next big thing in wellness.

Steve JordanEngland, Brighton

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